Retired Person

14th February 2017


Retired Person

Unlike most financial services firms we have a centralised investment platform called Premierone. All your investments and policies are centralised. This makes it easier for you to plan your investments and finances.

Mark Corkery

At Premier Financial, we understand when People are retired they want to enjoy their life, and finding time to plan their investments & pensions in a structured way is difficult. So we take away this burden.

Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve their investment & pension objectives through structured planning and careful management of their financial resources.

We ensure that we always present plans to them in a simplified way that they can understand and appreciate.

When a client receives a plan this is only the starting point. A bigger challenge is keeping the plan on track, and reacting as circumstances change.

At Premier Financial we place as much importance on the review of a client’s plan as we do on the development of the plan.

Our measure of success is simple. Do our retired clients achieve their investment and pension objectives, within the defined risk parameters that they identified for themselves?

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Investment & Pension Retirement Planning Service

We have an extremely simple investment process to make it easier for you to understand. This process enables us to work collaboratively with you towards your investment and retirement objectives. Our investment service offers you full visibility of your investment progress online and via a mobile application on a 24/7 basis. In addition, our investment service offers you excellent value for money and transparency in relation to your investments at all times.

Retirement is a time when you have possibly moved from a busy life in employment or your own business to having time to do some of the things in life that you had always put off. At Premier Financial we aim to make the investment and pension planning side of this part of your life as simple as we can. We use all the latest technology to allow you to be in contact with your money any time any place. Although we have all the latest technology we take great pride in our personalised service. All our current retired clients know that when they visit our office they will be met by a member of our team who knows them and can deal with any queries or concerns they may have.

Tax efficiency

From experience we know that when people in retirement make investment, pension and financial decisions in a disjointed matter they don’t quite often consider the most tax efficient way to plan their affairs. At Premier Financial our Investment & Retirement Planning service reviews the tax efficiencies of your investments and present you with the best options that suit you and will help you achieve your investment goals.

Your outcomes through our structured approach

We aim to act as an investment coach to our retired investment & pension clients. We help you to gain a long-term perspective and to take a structured approach to your investments. We help you to try to avoid poor short-term decisions and to contain your emotions in relation to your investments. By articulating and sticking to our 6 guiding principles for successful investing, we aim to enable our investment clients to achieve better outcomes.

The outcomes that we aim to achieve for our clients include,

  • Clarity about their investment objectives in their plan and how to achieve them
  • Confidence in achieving their investment objectives, by following their investment plan
  • Trust in their adviser relationship, through our collaborative, transparent business practices
  • Feeling supported by knowing that Premier Financial is in your corner, guiding you towards achievement of your investment goals
  • Knowledge of your investment progress through information being available 24/7
  • Greater wealth through seeing your investments working as effectively as possible.