Defined Benefit Pension Wound Up

2nd February 2017


Defined Benefit Scheme Being Wound Up

If you become a pension client of Premier Financial we have a centralised investment platform called Premierone. All your investments and policies are centralised in the one place. This makes it easier for you to plan your investments and finances.

Philip Sicat

At Premier Financial Services, we understand People are busy today, and finding time to plan their financial future in a structured way is difficult. So we take away this burden.

You are making on of the biggest financial decisions in your - life let us help you understand.

The benefits attaching to a Defined Benefit Scheme can be difficult to understand. We give you a clear comparison of your benefits whether you decide to stay or go.

Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve their lifestyle objectives through structured planning and careful management of their financial resources.

We ensure that we always present plans to them in a simplified way that they can understand and appreciate.

When a client receives a plan this is only the starting point. A bigger challenge is keeping the plan on track, and reacting as circumstances change.

At Premier Financial we place as much importance on the review of a client’s plan as we do on the development of the plan.

Our measure of success is simple. We help our clients understand where they are today, where they want to go to in the future and provide them with a clear plan to get there.

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I don’t understand the benefits in my current Defined Benefit Scheme and the Options being presented to me to leave

At Premier Financial we explain in simple terms what the benefits are attaching to your current Defined Benefit Scheme and illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of staying or leaving your Defined Benefit Pension Scheme. If you decide to leave we provide a comprehensive back up service for your new pension scheme options. This is a significant decision for people leaving and our service at Premier  Financial is designed to make these decisions more clear to understand. Should you decide to go we have explained some of the advantages of our Financial Planning Service in points 2 and 3

Tax efficiency

From experience we know that when people make investments , financial and pension decisions in a disjointed matter they don’t quite often consider the most tax efficient way to plan their affairs. At Premier Financial our financial plans review your tax efficiencies under all headings and present you with the best options that suit you and will help you achieve your goals.

When can I retire etc.?

Our financial planning service through the use of Cashflow Planning lets you look at the Big Picture and we simply explain to you what needs to be done to meet your objectives. So questions like when can I retire?,How will I pay for college?, Would my family be alright if I died or could not work due to illness? We aim to answer all your questions clearly and objectively.