John & Sarah The Case of “Are we there yet?”

6th February 2017

John & Sarah The Case of "Are we there yet?

John & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought. Trouble is, they didn’t know where ‘there’ was… It all started late one night when John, a Senior Pilot for a major long-haul airline, flying over Europe, on yet another quick turnaround flight, suddenly thought to himself ‘How much longer do I have do this this?’

John used to live to fly. Every minute he could be in the air he would. But now things were different. Increasing pressure, increasing regulation, continued testing, and increasing cut backs, it was no longer the same. The fun had gone. And now, aged 55, he was thinking ‘WHY am I still doing this?’ John loved to fly, but what he wanted to fly now, more than ever, was his own single engine, two seater bi-plane. Now that was real flying. That’s what he wanted to do. To buy and fly his own bi-plane, his own beauty.He had a great pension. He’d built up some capital. He’d nearly paid off his mortgage.

But what did it all mean? Was he ‘there’ yet? He needed help. So, with an introduction from a friend, he turned to our Premier Financial to help make sense of it all. Premier  Financial first helped John & Sarah get a fix on what they wanted, and when they wanted it, and on the sort of lifestyle they enjoyed now and what they wanted to continue to enjoy. Travel! ‘No thanks’. They’d done enough of that in their lifetime! Now, their interests were, for John, flying and for Sarah breeding goats on their 20 acre plot of land. So, with a full understanding of their clients, and having obtained all the details of their existing arrangements, and more importantly having broken down the cost of their desired future lifestyle, Premier Financial crunched their Number – the amount of money they needed, taking everything into account, to live the life they wanted, for the rest of their life, without fear of ever running out of money.

The result was YES, they were already there – so long as they built into their financial planning cash inflow from a projected (and necessary) house downscale at around age 76. So, for Sarah no more long periods spent alone. She now has more than just the goats for company. That’s because John is no longer away for most of the time, he no longer flies long-haul. Instead he enjoys the thrill of the wind in his face at the controls of his own bi-Plane.

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