Financial Planning & Wealth Management

27th July 2018


Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Let us help you plan your financial future today with a small input from you.


Why is A Financial planning Review Important?
At Premier Financial, we understand People are busy today, and finding time to plan their financial future in a structured way is difficult. So we take away this burden.

Why Choose Us?
We are an award winning Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm that strive to help our clients understand 3 things

  1. Where they are Today.
  2. Where they want to get to in the Future.
  3. Give our clients a clear plan to get there.

As a client of Premier Financial you will go through an Annual Review process which will help you to keep on track to achieve your Life and Financial goals.

We are also available throughout the year to assist you with any queries you may have.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Download and complete the
    questionnaire below and email it to
  2. Forward a deposit cheque for €475 made payable to Premier Financial with your questionnaire, or click on the 'Pay Deposit of €475' button above.
  3. We will then review the questionnaire
    and contact you for a review meeting
    in our office.

At the review meeting we will present you with a Financial Planning Review Report.

Mark Corkery

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Mark Corkery - Financial Planning Director

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